The CHAMPIONSHIP series electronic scoreboard stands as an intermediate model between the top-of-the-range Olympic model and the cheaper Tournament series. It consists of a single module made of sheet metal. The 21 cm high displays use LED technology (10-year warranty). The Multisport type control electronics allows, thanks to the use of microprocessors, to select all the sports disciplines that can be practiced inside an indoor structure. The connection between the scoreboard and the control unit is made either with a normal two-conductor electrical cable or via radio. The stopwatch can be set up for any playing time, both in increasing and decreasing count. The scoreboard is equipped with a special control unit, on which all the data reported by the scoreboard itself are shown on microdisplays. It is very simple to use. Each microdisplay is equipped with two buttons: one for increment and one for decrement. The scoreboard digits are 7-segment matrix, 21 cm high, with LED technology.

mod. CHAMPIONSHIP: composition B

  • Stopwatch with minutes, seconds, tenths and hundredths of a second (tenths and hundredths only in the last minute of the game);
  • 3 digits per team for points up to 199;
  • 2 digits per team for team fouls up to 99. In case of a foul, for about 7 seconds, these displays show the number of the player who committed the foul and the total of the player’s fouls. These indications blink and alternate between the old and the new foul situation of the player.
  • 3 light dots per team for time-outs;
  • 4 light dots for periods;
  • 1 light dot per team for bonus or serve;
  • 3 different color light groups for rink hockey (optional).
  • Dimensions: cm 185x132h.

Art. 2020.00

24″ mod. CHAMPIONSHIP/TOURNAMENT floor mounted:

24” electronic scoreboards. 7-segment digits, type CHAMPIONSHIP/TOURNAMENT, height cm 21. Trapezoidal shaped boxes made of sturdy sheet metal. Front made of impact-resistant methacrylate. They are supplied complete with control console, cables in the appropriate length and plugs.

These devices are usually supplied in pairs and used as emergency equipment to support the scoreboard mounted above the backboard.

External dimensions: cm 45x47h.

Art. 2028.00

Control unit set:

NOT SHOWN. Completely digital. A pair of convenient [+] and [-] keys is provided for easy control of each section. The consoles are lightweight and easy to transport. Being designed for this specific purpose, they are robust and learning how to use them is immediate. It is no longer necessary to use impractical personal computers not suitable for the purpose.

– 2 control consoles to give each referee the possibility to operate comfortably:
– Main control unit (programming, stopwatch, points);
– 24″ control console.

The main unit is built inside a double compartment briefcase with inclined synoptic panel, and the keyboard is covered with a dustproof bubble membrane. NOT SHOWN. Visualization is optional.

Maximum precision. The scoreboard displays the tenths and hundredths of a second during the last minute of the game.

Anti-blackout battery inserted in the console to safeguard the information in case of blackout. By storing all the data, this system avoids any kind of problem in case of blackouts.