BARS-IN is an LED bar suitable for many different creative options, mainly for buildings, events and shows. The LED bar is controlled by our Together™ video control system, so as to display original and eye-catching graphics and visual effects.

Our BARS-IN Large Screens are the perfect solution for:

  • Skyscrapers
  • Clubs
  • Interior design
  • Shop windows and malls
  • Luxury shops
  • Showrooms

A veritable LED video bar

Unlike DMX LED bars, BARS-IN is a real LED bar that can show video and graphics, in perfect coordination with the Together® control system.

Each LED video bar can be considered as a small LED screen; however, all these screens can be coordinated and controlled simultaneously to create fabulous visual effects.

Creative LED installations

The LED video bar can be easily configured in attractive shapes. Due to its light weight and flexible structure design, the LED video bar can be installed anywhere and will be visible from any angle.

Technical Specifications

  • Pixel pitch: 5mm
  • Module size: 960mm x 40mm
  • Custom modules available
  • Operating temperature: -20°/+60°
  • Brightness: ≥ 1,500 nits
  • Refresh rate: 1,920 through 3,840 Hz
  • LED: SMD2727
  • Average consumption: 250 W/m2


Without a talented driver, even the most powerful Formula 1 car will hardly win any race. Similarly, our large screens, without a powerful and intuitive software, would be underutilized. For this reason, we have developed the software “Together™” and “Together Lite™“, specifically designed to unleash the potential of our beautiful products.